My first impressions of using m-biblo

M-biblo is one of those great apps that solves a problem that you knew you had but had done nothing about resolving. Personally, I browse and read lots of books in the course of a project yet had never been able to easily record each book title.

This is an app that I have genuinely found helpful for my work, as I can now collect all the references to the books I discover with very little fuss by simply pointing my phone at the barcode. The app is easy to use and importantly, very quick. I will now have a full list of the books that supported an aspect of a project.

I believe that these small improvements to my book seeking/reading are worthy challenges to tackle and so I am glad that m-biblio has been made!

Now that I have had some time with m-biblio I thought i’d write a few suggestions for additions that may be useful for any future development.

  • Book activity – the ability to assign a status regarding how the book was used. This is already a feature of the Amazon kindle service where I can state that the book is “to read,  hope to read, browsed” etc as not all books are read outright.
  • Book collections – the ability to group books into collections, related to a project for instance.
  • Sending confirmations – the ability to email the app a books details. I was thinking along the idea of tripit, where you can send bookings from third party services which are they ready in the app. I see the use for books I purchase from Amazon and maybe ebooks.