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The current version of the iOS application allows you to: Scan ISBN numbers for book details Scan University Library barcodes for book and thesis details Enter DOI numbers for papers and articles Extract the title of a website Manually add the details of books, papers and thesis Export the references via email to Rich Text […]

M-Biblio Workshop

The M-Biblio project recently ran a workshop with 10 students representing a good cross-section of the student population at Bristol. The object of the workshop was twofold. Firstly, to obtain a better picture of the challenges students typically face when collecting and organising bibliographic references and secondly, to explore potential solutions and scenarios to inform […]

Stuart Church (@stuchurch) of Pure Usability is helping with the student engagement and the user experience aspects of the m-biblio project. Using Bristol Online Surveys, Stuart recently ran a survey of University of Bristol students with some questions on creating bibliographies. There were 67 respondents that covered a range of disciplines and degree schemes, including […]