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Final Project Report

Major Outputs The m-biblio project has produced a number of significant outputs: Results of a survey with students Report on workshop with students Software for finding, storing and exporting references: A java-based web service for querying third-party bibliographic sources. An iOS application that uses the camera to scan barcodes band manage citations. Background The m-biblio […]

My first impressions of using m-biblo

M-biblo is one of those great apps that solves a problem that you knew you had but had done nothing about resolving. Personally, I browse and read lots of books in the course of a project yet had never been able to easily record each book title. This is an app that I have genuinely […]

The current version of the iOS application allows you to: Scan ISBN numbers for book details Scan University Library barcodes for book and thesis details Enter DOI numbers for papers and articles Extract the title of a website Manually add the details of books, papers and thesis Export the references via email to Rich Text […]

Recent presentation at Mobile Technologies in Libraries event

Mike Jones recently gave a very good presentation on the MBiblio Project at a Mobile Technologies in Libraries event held in Birmingham. You can see Mike’s presentation on SlideShare: There were lots of other interesting presentations given at the event. A list of these with links to presentations and content can be found on […]

M-Biblio Workshop

The M-Biblio project recently ran a workshop with 10 students representing a good cross-section of the student population at Bristol. The object of the workshop was twofold. Firstly, to obtain a better picture of the challenges students typically face when collecting and organising bibliographic references and secondly, to explore potential solutions and scenarios to inform […]

Stuart Church (@stuchurch) of Pure Usability is helping with the student engagement and the user experience aspects of the m-biblio project. Using Bristol Online Surveys, Stuart recently ran a survey of University of Bristol students with some questions on creating bibliographies. There were 67 respondents that covered a range of disciplines and degree schemes, including […]

For the app to work well it needs to reference reliable sources of bibliographic data. Already in progress is some code that is capable of pulling bibliographic data from the University’s library system Aleph via the XService API. But more are needed. The question we need to answer is which sources to concentrate our efforts […]

By virtue of a discussion taking place on the  LIS-MMIT JISCMAIL list I recently found the M-Library Project ( which (to paraphrase) is a collaborative project between the University of the Highlands & Islands (UHI) and Edinburgh Napier University.  Funded by the Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) it examines user attitudes towards the creation […]


The general shape and form of the budget for this project is available in the budget sheet below.  All data is anonymous.  But for those more keen on graphics than numbers here’s a pie chart showing a simplified version of where the money is allocated.   m-biblio Directly Incurred Aug 11 – Jul 12    […]

One of the key pieces of information for discovering bibliographic data will be the barcodes on the books – either the barcode used by the Library at the University of Bristol or the ISBN numbers associated with the books. It would be nice if we could take advantage of the camera on the device to […]

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